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For all wedding service you must provide

  • Your original birth certificate or a passport if you are unable to provide your birth certificate and if you are unable to provide either of these two documents a Statutory Declaration will need to be provided

  • A Current Drivers Licence or your passport for Proof of ID

  • A Name change certificate if your name has been changed at any time during your life.

If you have been married previously you will need to also provide

  • Your divorce certificates

  • A death certificate if your previous partner has passed away

I will need to receive your Notice of Intended Marriage no earlier than one (1) month before your wedding day but no longer than 18 months before..

If you are looking to be married with one (1) month you will be required to provide special dispensation/consent from Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM). You will be required to provide a reason for this request and there are only 5 reasons currently that your request could be approved, and they are

  • Employment or other Travel Commitments

  • A Wedding or Celebration arrangement or religious considerations

  • Medical Reasons

  • Legal Proceedings

  • An error in giving notice

If you are under the age of 18years you will also require two legal documents that you will need to obtain

  • A document providing the Order from a Judge or Magistrate authorising the person to marry a particular person of marriageable age (Over 18years).

  • Consent of a parent or guardian

Married Couple
Mature Couple Showing Affection


Notice of intended marriage: needs to be signed not later than one month prior to your wedding day.

Official Marriage Certificates

Lodged with the Births Deaths & Marriages within 14 days of your wedding day.

No legal impediment

Required prior to wedding day.

Statutory Declaration

If required signed prior to the wedding day

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